One on One and Couples Therapy

What takes place during a psychotherapy session? 

It is a meeting face to face. Comfortably seated in armchairs, surrounded by sufficient light and some objects which will, if necessary, become actors of your work, we will interact verbally, by movement or using different mediators (role-playing, music, drawing, postural exercise, etc).

I will ask you questions, be attentive with your answers and with your expressions, share my impressions and feelings to your story and my perceptions which emerge when listening to you.

This reflection is an occasion to look further into the feeling which you have of yourself, to study the points which disturb you and the creative ways that you will be able to set up, to overtake them.

I do not write, except some specific elements, I do not record anything however, I keep a very sharp memory of what you tell me.

This process which will proceed week after week will make it possible for us to build together trust and the support necessary to raise your self-worth and your desires.

It is scripted in a framework, the various aspects of which you and I commit to are listed below.

Practical Details

What we call the therapeutic framework extends to all the practical and ethical aspects. In general, the first constitute your commitment, the second mine. This being so, some are applicable to each one of us. Each element of this framework is scrupulously studied to allow a growth and a progression in therapy. It is thus advisable to pay special and careful attention because, they represent crucial psychic references.

The First Session

The first meeting is an occasion for you and me to get to know each other, to ask questions, to feel and be felt face to face with the other and to decide if we will proceed together. You might to want to meet other therapists in order to gain experience. Do it. You will then be able to come back later to inform me of your decision. The first meeting is charged.

Each Session

Once you make your decision, each session is confirmed at the previous meeting and the framework is set up according to all the elements noted hereafter.


A session is not an appointment like any other. It is a regular meeting, generally weekly and systematized at an identical day and hour. The regularity makes it possible to install a process, one dynamic and one dialectical. Indeed, from this regularity ensues, on one hand an aspect of the notion of the safe and secure environment, on the other hand the concept of incorporating the elements of the session. The regularity allows the body and the psyche to rest on a reliable structure and to install a cycle of therapeutic virtue.

The duration is 50 minutes for an individual and 90 minutes for a couple

In which, your ways of preparing, of arriving and of leaving again are relevant points enabling us to observe what occurs in the management of the time span of the session with me, to even withdraw data from it. We thus share the responsibility of managing time during the session, and you are responsible for your punctuality.

The price is 350 shekels for an individual and 450 shekels for a couple

In addition to the settlement of payment of services, the action of paying insists on the professional character of the relationship, which by the involvement it creates, can generate harmful misunderstandings of his therapeutic support. The act of paying is also a way to allow closure, to complete, and thus to be free, that is to say in peace. The payment is carried out at the end of the session, in cash, check or by transfer.


Canceling the session is possible, only with a 72-hour notice. Otherwise, the session will be payable since, I booked it just for you.

Ethical Aspects


The confidentiality is essential, obligatory and irrevocable for me, optional for you, although my recommendations to patients, is to encourage discretion for themselves of what occurs inside the meeting. It is a privileged personal space and it is yours.

You are the walker; I am the guide

I can feel, intuit, identify, inform, recommend, suggest, ultimately, it is you who feels if it is right for you. We co-construct the connection which will enable you to find yourself, and your co-operation in this work is essential. In the same way, the points which emerge at the time of the session are put to work within the framework of our meeting. Your progression will be strongly potentiated by the implementation, in your daily life, of the exercises which we will have made together or on which we will have agreed. In no case, will only working during the session be sufficient for improvement. Therefore, it is your responsibility to experience outside sessions, the work which will be decided between us.

Benevolent Distance

Benevolent Distance is what you look for on one hand to obtain an objective view and on the other hand to find your own needs and thus your limits. The clear connection that ties the therapeutic relationship remains subjected to this law which protects your integrity and mine.

You Expect a Non-judgmental Attitude

You expect a non-judgmental attitude and you are right. I am here to welcome you, to understand you, to hear you, including accept you and especially where you do not accept yourself. In no case do I hold back the truth. I propose a number of approaches which we explore without interpreting them. This also, allows us to visit together, the realms of your universe which are unknown, for you and surely for me. It is your universe, therefore, I must learn your language.

Everything Can be Discussed

Your session is your space to speak freely. The question is not what to say but, how and when. We will see together what are the methods that you implement to communicate your desires, your intentions, your needs and your opinions. In the same way, dialogue is the preferred mode of our interaction. It is initially between us that this freedom is put to work, it is therefore, the favorite spot to articulate areas of our relationship which bring questions.

You Choose your Exit Scene

You choose your exit scene because you are the actor of your therapy. My objective is to equip you with that which you will need, to allow you to be again autonomous in the control of your choices and your life. In short, I do my utmost, so that one day you shall not need me anymore. You decide the moment which you feel ready, we will speak about it, and we will support this journey in an open and conscious way, in two meetings starting from the date of announcing your wish for closure. It can happen that in the course of therapy there will be confrontational situations that make you want to stop. It is normal. Also, you may be tempted to leave without forewarning me, which must be avoided at all costs. Not only for the brutality of such a reaction for yourself, but especially for the risk it poses to record an unconscious process, and the failed occasion “to see” what you are reliving. It is indeed often at the dawn of important awakenings that these reactions are observable.

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