Ongoing Group therapy


What takes place during a group therapy session?

They are spaces for group work. Ongoing groups allow to benefit from the works of others, to put ourselves in perspective, with our history and our present, and to observe the world as it is in the intimacy of the hearts that open progressively. The masks fall, letting a genuine humanity appear, wounds and authentic joys hiding behind the facades of our social, professional, family roles, and others.

The group is the occasion for each one to test himself in an interaction with others on his needs, his limits, his anger, his unhappiness, his joys, his capacity to support and be supported, and his sympathies and antipathies. The many parameters of group work allow it.


I am the guardian with you of the security which governs the emergence of mutual confidence. For this purpose, we will lean on some rules of group therapy which are those of individual therapy augmented by the instructions suitable for the interpersonal communication of groups. For example, confidentiality is extended to all the group members regarding, the work and stories that belong only to their owner.

Different Times of Work

The times of individual exercises, of work in pairs or small groups alternate with times of individual therapy in group (either a participant with me) and times of group therapy (or all participants with me). The active listening times alternate with re-enactment and feedback (also subjected to specific rules). The time for relaxing alternates with the time to work.


Group work authorizes a great creativity with the tools used. For example, I propose times of movements, relaxation, dance, vocal expression, graphic expression, collage, and molding. These tools are always an occasion for exploring a feeling during the development and outcome.

Group Size

Maximum 10 – Minimum 8


An ongoing group is open for an unlimited period and the minimum commitment is 10 months to one year. Once the actual start up is finalized, the same participants meet each month for a one-day session or 6 hours not including pauses and lunch. The group can accept participants, according to the group size limit. Participants eager to leave the group after one year express their wishes at the 7th regrouping so that their exit is accompanied by the whole group till the 10th meeting. The entries and exit are the object of a process of integration and closure. 


A monthly session.


720 shekels per regrouping. The sessions are payable month by month. Down payments of 720 shekels will be requested at the annual commitment. The conditions of settlement and cancellation are specified for each ongoing group.

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