Is it necessary to draw up a list?

Our time doesn't cease providing us with terrifying occasions, to take note, to which point violence and brutality, alas, become so frequent that anesthesia and trivialization are part of the sad collection of persecutors, in spite of them.

I address adults whose distant or more recent past did not spare. I address those who live the hell of feeling insane, those who do not know who to turn to anymore without being discredited, rejected and abandoned.

Childhood Traumas

Resilience is an unfairly shared ability. We aren't all equal in health and mental strength. If some say they have found derivatives or even the way out of their childhood terrors, others on the other hand remain disarmed even when wrinkles appear on their face.

Childhood traumas act despite our will, despite any logic, despite us, despite. Anger or even rage still too often find expression in favor of a peccadillo that others would treat with humor. Anguish isolates by shame or distress. Sadness chokes the embers that would fan the fire of life. Addiction hangs on to the smallest fragment of individual freedom. Destruction turned on others or oneself gives the feeling of losing one's mind.

It is far, very far in situations that were left uncompleted in childhood that the origin is found. It is a long time that dwelling on memories, no longer holds a response. So then what? Why search so far back? Is it needed? And how?

Guidance is essential to look alternatively, feel more finely, hear what became inaudible to our ears. The shrewd therapist, tiers proven and tested by his experience and his own journey, his subtle listening, his intuitive and perspective approach, but also his discreet and constant warmth guides us to find in ourselves the answer to our questions.

Keywords: Incest, ill-treatment, negligence, abandonment, dysfunctional family circle, precocious mourning, severe disease of a relative or guardian, divorce of parents, etc.

Assault and Abuse

They are initially a brutal shock to which our system is not prepared. No TV news, radio broadcasting, or cautionary statement could sufficiently render the appalling reality of sideration that aggression produces in the human organism. It is quite simply the terror of imminent death, of the instantaneous destruction in a physical and psychic suffering beyond bearable which leaves the subject in a psychological stagnation mixing rage with sadness, pain with incomprehension, terror with shame, disgust with absurdity.

Everything loses its meaning, or much of what formerly, before, gave life a glimmer of joy. We would have liked so much, that it had not been. How do we do live, after something unbearable happened?

Former victims testify that the transformation of wounds into pearls of joy is possible.

Throughout the years of my own experience, I accompanied these victims to the doorstep of their liberation.

Key words: rape, robbery, fire, accident, threat whether physical or psychological, exposure to violent scenes or to the sight of corpses or heavily wounded people, harassment whether sexual or psychological, etc.

Victims of terror attacks or hostilities

I was going to say “our country”. The news show alas that terrorism does not have an address and strikes blindly.

During 3 years of voluntary work at NATAL, the Israeli center for the Victims of Terrorism and War, I accompanied the victims who experienced the reality of being in direct contact to vital threat during the many wars that Israel has waged. Others still wrestle with it on the southwest and northern borders, near the territories, or even within our cities. Perfect peace is nowhere ensured and when the sirens sound the Red Alert, the same images return, same palpitations, the same shortness of breath and panic takes over.

To adapt, find relief, to transform the threat into resourceful steps of survival, are a necessity and also the source of an extraordinary creativity which reinforces us in all the fields of life. My experience in the field of these traumas is an invaluable background, in accompanying people who are paralyzed by the threat of terrorism or war.


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