Professional Conflicts

Suffering at Work

  • To manage stress of work overload or the restriction of staff
  • To defuse personal conflicts with his subordinates, his superiors or his colleagues
  • To alleviate the anguish of de-valorization and manipulation and to understand their mechanisms, in order to stop being wide open to them
  • To leave the dominating/dominated spiral, in order to foster a client/supplier relationship
  • To know how to have our qualifications recognized in an environment of competition
  • To maintain the professional life/personal life in balance
  • To recognize the signs of overwork (burnout) before it is too late
  • To find the way of mutual aid, in order to avoid the damage of over-investment

The new economic game increases the stress already present at the workplace, till reaching situations of cold competition, suffering and of harassment. The unsatisfied needs for recognition in a couple or in social life are tested in the workplace, making room for abuse of any kind. How can we recover, and find time for relaxing and rejuvenating, to obtain human support in a universe which little by little has lost track of this quality?

Breach of Employment Contract

  • To understand the various causes of dismissal or resignation
  • To open up space for listening, in order to deal with what the breach of contract has injured
  • To consider the sources of moral support and their adequacy (family, friends, activities)
  • To allow and assist in the grieving of a completed job
  • To identify the dreams, the desires, the aspirations, the frustrations, the progress margin and the resources present or accessible
  • To usher the doubts, uncertainties, fears and find the assistance, in order to transform them into a driving force
  • To build a project and find the outside assistance to implement it
  • To assist with the first steps of the new project

The loss of a job, incurred or caused by circumstances is a shock which touches the person, especially since his identity has become attached to his profession. This situation unfortunately widespread, invites us to understand why and how we arrived at such an over-investment, and what the breach of the contract has really called into question. Moreover, the entourage gives feedback, which often is suffered by their kin who lost their job. How to find courage to rest, to order, to prioritize, to listen to one another, and to find a healthy foundation to spring back from?

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