Couple conflicts

Stormy Relationships

  • To distinguish between arguments, legitimate and right - and quiet violence , verbal, psychological or physical.
  • To leave the tacit silence which masks the core of disagreements
  • Differentiate between responsibility and guilt
  • To grant the necessary space for daily obligations in order to safeguard the passion from boredom
  • To moderate individual interests in order to maintain and share enriched discussions
  • To love yourself better, in order to love better and to be loved
  • To leave dependency, co-dependency and to discover inter-dependency

The challenges of the couple are infinite, disconcerting but also enriching and generators of growth. How to find the philosopher's stone inside the life of a devastated couple to transform lead into gold?

Divorce and Separation

  • To cope with the separation in sight, the divorce that starts to appear like threatening storm clouds or a welcome relief
  • To deal with our concerns, stress, anxiety, fear, culpability, doubts and sacrifices
  • To undertake, however the weight of responsibilities and obligations, in addition to enduring personal pain, or that which we inflict on our spouse or children
  • To find how to overcome the fear of being alone, of the opinion of others, of financial instability

The decision to separate also invites us to take the time, that of reflection on the reasons, the impasses which led us there. The outcome will perhaps not be it modifiable, but the necessity to distance oneself will at least make it possible it to alleviate the transition, and to avoid reproducing the same mistakes in another encounter.

Body Psychotherapy

Traumas & Life Crises

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