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Life Crises

From Israel: 058 458 2458          From France: 01 77 50 75 40           From the USA: 19173412026

A few words for you

We can forget trauma or crisis. They do not forget us.

If you are here, it probably means you need to speak to somebody. You just seek the spark which will help you decide to come to see me.

  • How do you overcome the crisis or trauma, when it seems that you have tried everything already?
  • How to live the life that you really wish even if you do not yet know what you want?
  • How to manage all your responsibilities, when what you really need is someone to take care of you?

Those who have come to trust me, speak to me about their dilemmas, their insecurities, and of their pain. And together, during regular talks we build a relationship, which restores their value, their confidence, self-esteem and equips them with the necessary tools to overcome the crisis.

Do you still have doubts? It is normal.

Come, let us search together.


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